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Ignition Repair

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When you need your ignition repaired or replaced, you can count on Noble Locksmith of Queen Creek, AZ. If your ignition is sticky, hard to turn, or won’t turn at all, or your key breaks off in the ignition, give us a call. We’ll send one of our locksmiths to your location and they’ll diagnose the problem right on the spot and either repair or replace the ignition depending on what the issue is. Our locksmith vans are outfitted with all the tools, equipment, key blanks, and replacement ignitions necessary to get you back on the road in record time, and all for less than you’d pay at a dealership!

New ignition ready to be installed in a client's car.

Here’s a new ignition ready to be installed in a local client’s car.

If you’re facing a problem with your car ignition, it’s always best to call a professional car locksmith rather than trying to fix the issue yourself. Many people attempt to extract a broken key from the ignition and end up causing more damage to the ignition lock. For example, if you insert something into the ignition it could also get stuck, making professional extraction more difficult. You could also wear down the internal mechanism of the lock by trying to extract the key. Overall, it’s much safer and much less frustrating to call a trained technician to handle the problem for you.

Here’s a quick list of car ignition repair situations that we can help with.

  • Broken key in the ignition
  • Stuck ignition
  • Your key won’t turn in the ignition
  • Lost or damaged key

We Also Cut New Keys for Your Ignition

We can make a new key for the ignition and diagnose and repair the ignition if your current key isn’t working. As we use quality parts and hardware, you can be sure that your new key or repaired ignition will last. We guarantee our work and provide a warranty on all eligible parts.

We recommend getting a new car key made as soon as one of yours breaks or is lost. It is always a good idea to have a spare key, so you aren’t stuck if your main one is damaged or unavailable. We can make a key for ignition if yours has broken to ensure you are well supplied with spares.

We Guarantee All Our Work

Noble Locksmith of Queen Creek is committed to providing first-class locksmith services for the local community. We’re proud of our emergency mobile locksmith service which responds quickly to all requests for help. We won’t leave you stranded if you can’t get your key into the ignition or if it won’t turn. You can call us at any time and from any location in the local area.

We have discounts available for both new and existing clients so please call or email us today to learn more.